Final Project


  • All about the Organic Farm
  • Meet the faculty adviser and students in Crop Science 203

Winter quarter went by so fast!  I cannot believe it is the end, and finals are already next week.  As I was trying to come up with a really interesting story or news to write about for my final project, a fellow student in my Journalism 285 class mentioned the Organic Farm on campus.

The Farm is really pretty when the weather permits. On the way there, the views were so amazing!!

Cal Poly’s Organic Farm

I heard about the Organic Farm through Hope Hanselman.  She is in my multimedia journalism class, and told me her and her roommate order produce from the Organic Farm.

Check out Hope’s really cool blog as well! It’s:

I decided to research more about the Organic Farm because I never knew it existed, and thought it was perfect for my last assignment!

Check it out!

Thanks so much for tuning into my blog these past 9-10 weeks!  Hopefully I will add new content during spring quarter!


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  1. Sounds interesting!!! I like that you made this topic your final project


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