What’s Good


  • VG’s Cafe
  • Dexter Subs & More
  • Asian food station
  • Sandwich Factory

Your Choice at Lunch

Everyone has their favorite spot to go when they’re hungry on campus.  Restaurants on campus and around the UU are always packed with students around 11 a.m. and later for dinner around 6 p.m.

A great place to eat if you are looking for a good sandwich is Dexter Subs & More.  It is not in the UU but next to the Art Building and Dexter Lawn.

Dexter Subs & More offers sandwiches, smoothies, salads and also has value meals which saves you dollar.

Dexter Subs is personally one of my favorite places to go for lunch, and my friends in the dorms love it!  The smoothies and sandwiches are really tasty, and it’s convenient to get Value Meal #3: half sandwich, smoothie, and chips for $7.00.  The downside is that Dexter Subs does not take meals so you have to use your plus dollars each time.

Another student who loves Dexter Subs is Laura Neylan.  “Specifically, I like the roasted turkey sandwich at Dexter Subs,” said Neylan.  She also prefers to use her plus dollars buying food and drinks at Jamba Juice in Poly Canyon and at Lucy’s Juice next door to Sandwich Factory.


Liberal Studies major, Laura Olson, thinks Campus Dining can definitely improve but has a couple favorite places to eat around campus. “I like the sandwiches at VG’s!  They have this really good pesto mayo in it,” said Olson.

“The soups are really good too!  My favorite is the chili.”  -Laura Olson

One of Olson’s favorite things to get for dinner is the soup.  She said it is really good, and her favorite is the vegetarian chili.

The Avenue, VG's, 19 Metro Station and Sandwich Factory all offer a soup of the day. One of Laura Olson's favorites is the chili pictured above.

Different Cuisines

The sandwiches on campus seem to be popular among most students, but do you dare try the ethnic food on campus?  Apparently, it’s not bad! Metro offers a Pan-Asian station which offers dishes such as imperial beef, orange chicken, chow mein and stir fry vegetables on a daily basis.

Another place you can find asian food at is VG’s.  I’ve heard students enjoy the fried rice bar which is offered in the middle of the week.  The workers cook it to order which is impressive, but slow.  First year Jordan Mason said he enjoys the fried rice dinner at VG’s the most.  “I also like the pepperoni or BBQ chicken pizza from BackStage, and the turkey sandwiches from Sandwich Factory.” said Mason.


Check out the restaurants mentioned above and see for yourself if they’re really good!


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  1. I’ve always wanted to try Dexter’s Subs, but wasn’t sure if it was worth trying… but thanks to your review, I think I will now!


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